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"Take a Break at Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan" ...

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Conde_Nast Traveller
National Geographic Travel Earth Day.

Sustainable, spectacular, and engaged with local communities, these lodges are tucked into some of the planet’s wildest places.
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Conde_Nast Traveller
Conde Nast Traveller

Your next wildlife vacation should be in Central America. Let these 12 luxury lodges convince you.
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Vogue Mexico

13 Destinos obsesion en Latinoamerica. Los lugares que debes visitar para vivir las fiestas decembrinas al ritmo de América Latina.
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Casa Vogue – Viagem Ecoturismo: 10 hotéis sustentáveis ao redor do mundo

Viajar também pode ser um ato de preservação do planeta. Nos dez hotéis a seguir, iniciativas de respeito ao meio ambiente e turismo responsável proporcionam experiências únicas de reconexão com a natureza.
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National Geographic, World Legacy Awards

Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort & Nature Reserve is honored to be recognized for our best practice and to have the opportunity to share ecological initiatives. We are excited that our nomination for the prestigious World Legacy Awards, Earth Changers, contributes to and promotes Laguna Lodge and Lake Atitlan as a world class Eco-tourism destination.

Australian Financial Review – Life & Leisure Luxury

Pioneers at Heart – Some may think Mayah Brandon’s measures are towards the extreme end of the sustainability spectrum but she’s proved it’s possible to create unique luxury experiences without sacrificing comfort. View PDF CoverView PDF 1View PDF 2

Time Magazine

Take a Break at Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan. Flanked by volcanoes and colorful Maya villages, Guatemala’s Atitlan is one of the most striking lakes in the world, and there are few better… View online – View PDF

National Geographic Traveler

Laguna Lodge is proud to have been chosen by National Geographic Traveler as one of the World’s Best 25 Lodges View online – View PDF – View PDF Page

GQ Magazine

Well traveled tastemakers on their favorite escapes For our honeymoon, we holed up in this seven-bedroom eco-lodge on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. Everything about the place was straight out of a dream… View online – View PDF

Écho-Logis Soleil

Published on 16 Nov 2013
Aux abords du lac Atitlan au Guatemala, en pleine réserve naturelle, le Laguna Lodge semble comme tout droit sorti de la végétation captant les rayons du soleil pour leur énergie.

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Wanderlust Magazine

Guatemala footnotes Charming and friendly service, stunning suites and spetacular location overlooking Lake Atitlan… PDF Article – PDF Cover

The New York Post

Going green in Guatemala April 22nd 2010 in Central America, where bio diversity means environmentally aware choices are key, the eco-lodge branding has become a stable, but at Laguna Lodge in Guatemala, the bar has been raised to a new level. View online – View PDF1 – View PDF2

Brides Magazine

Honeymoons & Destinations – View of the Week Amongst other wedding-related details, Simon shares that he and his wife headed to Guatemala for their honeymoon and stayed at the eco-friendly Laguna Lodge… View online – View PDF

Wall Street  Journal

On a Guatemalan Lake, Luxury Meets Tradition On spetacular Atitlan, boating from fancy hotels to villages that honor ancient gods… View PDF

Travel Channel

The Daily Escape Combine luxuary and sustainability with a stay at Laguna Lodge this Earth Day View online – View PDF


15 of the world’s best eco lodges want volcanoes and a 40-hectare estate to play around? Done. …the sublime views – volcanoes fram the lake – are worth the stay alone. View online – View PDF

Philippine Tattler Traveller

These hotel properties show that forward-thinking, innovative solutions can still produce five-star, luxury experiences for the world’s well-heeled. View onlineView PDF

Aero Mexico

A Sapphire in the Raw It’s no coincidence that this location of the lakes primier hotel: Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort and Nature Reserve, a boutique hotel whose praises have been sung by the worlds top travel magazines. View PDF

Army & Navy Club

The Queen’s Dimond Jubily An International celebration of Royalty, Heritage and Excelence, Coffee table edition. A five-star  boutique hotel in Guatemala delivers a refreshing approach to eco-tourism, inspired by its surroundings while also protecting them. View PDF


Travel & Leisure

A-list: World’s Top travel Agents 2011 – Ecotourism – Jane Weber New Favourite: On a recent trip to Guatemala, Weber loved the six-room Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort & Nature Reserve, overlooking Lake Atitlan. Years as agent: 33 View PDFView online



Espectacular – El Laguna Lodge es nuestro favorito de Atitlan. Desde sus terrazas y habitacionesse tiene un vistaincreible de los volcanoes. View PDF


Pentru o alternativa eco parca rupta de lume, caci acolo se poate ajunge doar cu barca, alege Laguna Lodge View online –  View PDF


Desde el altillo del hotel la vista era espectacular, sobre el lago y los volcanoes Atitlan, Toliman y San Pedro… View online –  View PDF coverView PDF page 1View PDF page 2View PDF page 3

Lufthansa Magazin

Glorious green getaways For hedonists with a conscience: Exclusive lodges are exploring ways of blending luxury and sustainability. Laguna Lodge offers its guests, who arrive by boat, a magnificent view of Lake Atitlán. Few hotels are both as exclusive and as green. View online –  View PDF

Travesias Magazine

El ecoturismo en la selva guatemalteca… El ecoturismo en la selva guatemalteca puede ser mucho más que perezosos, colibríes y el espectacular lago Atitlán. Trevor Snapp se mete hasta sus profundidades y descubre una comunidad de antiguos guerrilleros abocados al ecoturismo, uno de los pocos hoteles de lujo 100% vegetarianos y muchas más personas comprometidas con el buen futuro de la biosfera maya…. View PDF

Taca Magazine

Who doesn’t want to look better Surrounded by mountains and volcanoes on the beautiful and mystical shores of Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan, stunning landscapes, first class facilities and top of the line services come together in Laguna Lodge… View onlineView PDFView PDF Cover

EcoChic Collection

Laguna Lodge eco resort + nature reserve Perched on the shores of Lake Atitlán, one of Central America’s most beautiful lakes, Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort & Nature Reserve is framed by lush forests, steep mountains and volcanoes… View PDF ArticleView PDF Cover

Luxury Latin America

Laguna Lodge Dock, Lake Atitlan, Solola, Guatemala Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort and Nature Reserve, on the shores of Lake Atitlan, proves you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and luxury in order to offer a unique and environmentally sustainable experience… View onlineView PDF

World Savers Awards 2012: Finalists

In Guatemala Since 2007, Condé Nast Traveler has handed out our annual World Savers Awards to travel companies that are powerful forces of change within their industries. View online

Destinations Travel Magazine

Worlds best Eco-Luxury Hotels Thousands of hotels want to be seen to be green, but few live op to the hype. We sort the eco-hotel heroes form the greenwashers. Here are a few of our favourites. View onlineView PDF 1View PDF 2View PDF 3

Casa Galeria

Hoteles Boutique – Pequeños grandes lujos Un escenario cargado de historia, cultura y belleza natural, así es la zona del Lago Atitlán en Guatemala. En una de sus orillas, está el Laguna Lodge, un Eco Resort de lujo, al cual se llega únicamente por bote. View online


Laguna Lodge offers a guaranteed environmentally-friendly heaven on earth for a total relaxation… View online – View PDF

Air France

The Laguna Lodge is a model of eco-friendly design, while supporting local biodiversity initiatives. View online – View PDF – View PDF cover


Time Magazine describio recientemente su estadis en Laguna Lodge como “magia Maya pura”. View PDF

A the style guide by Andares

Pocas veces, cuando un hotel presume de sustenable, tiene un proyecto tan comprometido y consistente como el de Laguna lodge. View online – View PDF – View PDF cover

China Airlines – Dynasty Magazine

Laguna Lodge is a true definition of “Nature is the new Luxury”. View PDF

M Magazine, Le Monde

Laguna Lodge A Santa Cruz La Laguna, cethôtel boutique épouse l’esprit zendes lieux. Nichée dans un écrin de verdure, cette adresse de luxe propose de superbes suites en bois avec vue sur le lac, un spa et un bar restaurant raffiné. View PDF